Over Twitter

1) I didn’t understand Twitter.

2) I understood Twitter, and further thought it could help my job search.

3) I participated. I followed. I continued to develop my personal brand.

4) I like to read. Twitter found me interesting things to read for a few weeks.

5) The follow whores annoy me. Robotic retweeters amass hundreds of followers.

6) I get bored. The people who tweet most often appear to be, well, boring. Very few people continue to headline interesting content. I scan, I read, I click away to Facebook and check up on random people from my elementary school. I find this vastly more enjoyable than another line about GenY, personal brand or tech conventions. (This is not to say that FB is vastly enjoyable–just better. At least I know the people on FB.)

7) Oprah’s in. I’m out.

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