Time Off

I’m taking time off. Although the amount of cleaning and house-fixing in order to list it and (I hope) sell it, feels far busier, more tedious and ungratifying than working most jobs. However, I am off work, between jobs and I truly don’t have a single responsibility, professionally speaking.

It’s been a long time. I worked at our start-up before I left BigCo so I never had a moment off. As mentioned, my maternity leave while at the start-up was so short I don’t even mention it to other mothers, I’m so ashamed. And when I left the start-up, I suddenly had the most worrisome job of all: finding another.

So here I am, no work at all. Family time. Cleaning time. No where to be or work to do. I keep wanting to say things like, Well, I should go get some work done now. But that’s obviously a ploy to get away from the house and have my own time and wouldn’t go over well, since my husband has been home with our boys every day for their whole lives.

Maybe I’ll end up liking time off. I don’t know yet. It’s too foreign. And there’s too much cleaning.

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