The market speaks. I say, Okay.

Selling a house in April 2009: it’s not good.

The reality of selling a house in this recession has hit squarely. The parade of realtors have passed through and passed on the bad news: we will take a cold bath on this house. Only a handful of houses have sold in our town in our range in the last season and the comps are terrible. The realtors danced around, building up to the bad news.

It wasn’t necessary. We understand. Houses don’t have inherent worth. They sell for what the market will bear, what people are willing to pay. We paid more because it was worth more to us. Now it’s way more attractive inside but it’s worth less because fewer people are moving into town and wanting this type of house. I’m comfortable with that. It’s the way it works.

And I’m not doing high/low pricing. I don’t respect it in retail, I’m definitely not setting some price that I think is probably too high but list it there “just in case” the couple from the big city sees it and thinks, what a steal, we’ll pay full price! That’s a (very common) fantasy out here in the midwestern sticks. I’m pricing it to sell. Now. I want to start my new life.

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